Monday, April 15, 2013

Korean Language Classes with a Flair for Korean Film, starts June 8th

So the Hawaii Korean Cultural School is starting up their Summer Semester,  beginning June 8!

All those who'd like to learn Korean (aka... not have to read subtitles when they watch their dramas), drop on by.

The semester will last 6 weeks, each Saturday.

Now, I have two bits of awesome news, because I think this school is just... awesome:

1) They now have a website, where you can get information about classes and schedules (Yay!)

2) They're including a Korean Film Discussion section in their program!

All levels welcome (many are beginners) and it's a chill environment, where you can enjoy learning rather than feel stressed by it.  In fact, it's really a nice place for Korean drama lovers to learn more about about the language and culture.

A copy of the schedule is above and check out their site for more information and updates:

Download their application from their website.

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